Sunday, July 13, 2008


There is something very Dragon Lady about this stamped leather tote from Alexander McQueen.

Maybe it's the shade of red, not fire engine, or's more of a bruised berry color, which is called merlot (yeah, that works too). With a structured hard body, and shiny gold accents, it takes on a severe sort of look, but one that works for me. This is a power bag if ever there was one. The front closes with a twist lock, and the small outer pockets look perfect for stashing a nail file...perfect for those long manicured blood red nails. The bag sits on brass feet, ideal for making a sound clunk to get everyone's attention when you put the bag down.
The inside is lined with canvas, and is fashioned as you'd expect with the slots and pockets that have become de rigeur.
You can easily get one in your clutches for $2170 from Net-A-Porter.

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