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Susan Marie Designs Jewelry

Fine Jewelry Designer and Goldsmith

The timeless elegance of the finest handcrafted gold, precious gemstone and pearl jewelry awaits you at Susan Marie Phipps' website. A professional goldsmith for twenty-four years, Susan is also a GIA graduate gemologist, using her expertise to select only the most vibrant Diamonds, Tahitian Pearls, fancy colored Sapphire, Tanzanite, and other gemstones for use in her work.

handcrafted gemstone necklace

14k Gold & Multicolor Sapphire Pendant

1.38 carats Sapphire

3 mm Japanese Cultured Pearl

18" 14k Yellow Gold 10-strand cable necklace

Susan Phipps began making jewelry while attending a high school class on the subject, in her hometown of Findlay, Ohio. During that period, she received several awards, including a Gold Key Scholastic Award for jewelry in 1979 and 1980. She furthered her study of metalsmithing at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, and later at the University of South Carolina.

designer gold and gemstone earrings

14k Gold & Spessarite Garnet Earrings

3.09 carats Spessarite Garnet

.10 carats Diamond

14k Yellow Gold

Susan Phipps' professional career began in 1981, when she was employed as a goldsmith, and she continued working for various employers until 1993, when she began her own business. In August 1992, she completed the Gemological Institute of America's program and earned a Graduate Gemologist Degree.

handcrafted gold ring

18k Gold & Chrome Tourmaline Ring

1.23 carats Medicine Wheel-cut Chrome Tourmaline

Cut by award winning stone cutter Larry Woods

18k Yellow Gold

Platinum crown

Artist Statement

My experience as a goldsmith enables me to design jewelry that is functional and substantial enough that customers will not have durability problems. To me, this is a basic and fundamental consideration in designing fine jewelry.

As a graduate gemologist, I am aware of the broad spectrum of colored stones available beyond emeralds, blue sapphires and rubies. I always enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for colored stones with others, exciting people with the endless possibilities which exist for coordination of colored gemstone jewelry with fashion.

To this end, I carefully hand-select gemstones of all colors for use in my work. In choosing gemstones, I pay special attention to the quality of the cut and the maximum beauty it has to offer. In addition, I seek stones of exceptional clarity and vibrant color, always with an eye for overall quality and value.

As an artist, I have always been drawn to forms which are graceful and elegant, without being overly complex. I want my designs to enhance and amplify, never crowd or compete with the inherent beauty of the precious material of which they are composed. As I evolve, I will continue to draw on these basic principles of sound design in order to create classical styles that will endure through the seasons of fashion.


2001 American Gem Trade Association's Spectrum Award

1998 26th International Pearl Design Competition

1995 De Beers Diamonds Today Award

1993 21st International Pearl Design Competition

1993 American Vision Award

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