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Susan Barth Jewelry

Susan Barth's fascination with three dimensional art and ornament was always there as a child, but her formal exploration began after being accepted into New York City's High School of Art and Design, where she studied sculpture for two years. Later on, she decided to take an intensive six-month course in jewelry making, where she first learned about lost wax casting.

designer rings

'Earth Elements with Peridot' Ring Set

Silver, Gold & Gemstone Rings

Textural ring set in 18k yellow gold and oxidized silver.

Bezel set 4x6mm cabochon cushion shaped Peridot.

Sold as set; available in half sizes.


Lost Wax Casting

A casting technique in which a carved wax model is placed in a container that is then filled with investment plaster. After the plaster hardens, the container is fired to melt or evaporate (lose) the wax. The result is a plaster mold suitable for casting metal or molten plastic.

gold and pearl earrings

'Sea Grass' Earrings

18k Gold post earrings.

Black 9mm x 10mm freshwater pearls.


Considering Susan's background in sculpture, lost wax casting turned out to be her ideal medium. She then apprenticed for five years at a jewelry firm in New York City, after which she worked for Barry Kieselstein-Cord, a well known New York jewelry designer, for six years. working on the creation of his collections.

gold and silver rings

'Earth Elements' Ring Set

An earthy interplay of color and texture.

Bezel-set 5-pt. diamond in largest ring.

18k white and yellow Gold

Sold as set.


After that, Susan switched back to freelancing once again, which allowed her the time and flexibility to begin the development of her own work. A few years later, she launched her collection at the ACC Baltimore Craft Show, and was awarded the 1998 Award of Excellence for Jewelry by the American Craft Council.

Barth is adept at combining contrasting metals and textures. A piece is never complete until she's found the perfect combination and composition.


"In art and in nature, it is always the simplest of forms that inspire me," Susan says, "be it the subtlety of an architectural detail, or the perfect symmetry and beauty found in the arrangement of petals before a flower blooms. It's in this simplicity that sparks a deep emotional response in me."


Susan's work has been described as subtle, understated, and elegant - which was always her intention. "My pieces are designed to be just one element in the visual story a person tells about themselves, as they present their individuality and uniqueness."

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Etsy - Crafts come in all sizes

So I am obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED, with this site I found called which is kind of like the craft fair of the internet. Anyone who makes anything - from paintings to scarves to pottery to jewelry can sell it through this site. The best part is, there are so many beautiful, interesting things to see and shop for. I haven't bought anything yet, but it's just because I am afraid once I start, I won't be able to stop. Oh, and did I mention in the clothing area you can sometimes find plus size stuff??? Here are some of the coolest things on Etsy this week:

Plus Size Cameo PantiesCool Postcard NecklaceBlack & White Tote

Left: Cameo Print Panties, up to size 3X, $8.00
Middle: Love Note Necklace, $16.00
Right: Black & White Pleated Bag, $45

Go support fun indie artists!

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Dear Monsieur Postman

I've done so many posts about novelty handbag "don'ts" that when I come across a "do", I have to share it.

What could be more fitting for a small envelope sized clutch than to turn it into, well, an envelope?
The Yves Saint Lauren Y-Mail clutch is a perfect addition to any collection, especially if you've been coveting a grafitti-esque handbag, with a little class. In black patent, with gold lettering, this clutch is just the right size to fit in your hand, and will instantly add a touch of humor to even the most serious of evening attire.
At $395, it costs more than the postage to mail it, but not so much that it breaks the bank. An evening bag also gets less wear, and is less prone to big trends, so you will get lots of years worth of wear for your money.
Pre-order one today from Yves Saint Lauren.

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97 aprons, Wayward Nancy Anns

This week I got 97 vintage aprons! There are some really pretty ones in the lot too. So it looks like I'll be busy with aprons for awhile! I've already got about 70 of them washed and the first batch of 20 have been ironed and photographed, and today I'm typing them up to be added to the website on Monday (along with some dresses that are already finished)

I like aprons, because they are fun little items and they are easy to work with to get ready to sell and they are easy to pack and ship out too.

5 more Gals showed up this week at the 'Home for Wayward Nancy Ann Dolls'. There's another 3 on the way too! I hope this isn't turning into an obsession. I promised them I would do their hair and make them some pretty clothes. No buying anymore until I get these fixed up. They'll be fun Summer projects on the weekends. These gals came with some spare arms, so I think I can figure out how to string the good arms onto these.

I mentioned in my email update that I had set up a shop on etsy - So far I only have 20-some items listed there and it's all stuff that's already available on the website, but I may list some different things in the future.

While browsing on etsy, I spotted this sweet necklace with a beach theme, that I just had to buy from Tickle Me Pink Boutique - it came today and I really love it. Check out her website here too -

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Magazines Acknowledge The Cost of Clothes: A Recession Fashion Rundown

the U.S. is teetering on the brink of a recession. While there is a
smattering of financial advice scattered throughout the July issues,
the magazines focus on something far more important than investments
and job security: looking good! Priorities! The best investment to
weather an economic crisis is, apparently, your wardrobe. I’m no
financial expert, but based on what’s in the magazines this month, I
will say this: If Forever 21 ever goes public, buy.

Nearly all the
magazines offer looks at lower prices, but considering the source,
lower-priced is not necessarily low-end. Here’s a breakdown of the
style sticker shock:


One page of “Hottest,
Newest, Latest” is devoted to “fashion at AFFORDABLE prices.” It was
wise to emphasize the word “affordable,” because otherwise—well, see
for yourself.

Total number of deals: 6

Their idea of dirt cheap: A $69 Banana Republic scarf

Most expensive bargain: A $395 Elie Tahari clutch

Cheapest item elsewhere in the magazine: $140 J. Crew flats

Priciest item elsewhere in the magazine: A $450,000 Neil Lane for De Beers bracelet

Item whose price makes
me question the wisdom of capitalism: A $46,650 Balenciaga dress. No,
it isn’t woven from gold. Why do you ask?


“How to Shop Summer
Sales” blends fashion with suggestions to befriend a saleswoman and
keep your receipts for price adjustments. Original!

Total number of deals: 14

Their idea of dirt cheap: A $49 dress from Macy’s

Most expensive bargain: A $158 necklace, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Cheapest item elsewhere in the magazine: $48 DKNY jeans

Priciest item elsewhere in the magazine: A $575 3.1 Philip Lim dress

Item whose price makes
me question the wisdom of capitalism: Cosmo neglects to list prices for
the most expensive items, like the YSL cardigan worn by a model riding
a jetski. Where else would you wear such a sweater?



An eight-page spread, “Le Cheap, C’est Chic!,” is annoyingly teased on the cover with the line “No She Didn’t!” Because, you know, spending less than $150 on an item of clothing is totally a novel lifestyle choice and not a necessity!

Total number of deals: Who can tell what Elle thinks is “cheap”? They’ve got Forever 21 mixed with Burberry.

Their idea of dirt
cheap: A $6 bead necklace and, the fashion find of the century, a $7
Hanes t-shirt. Thanks for uncovering that hidden gem, Elle!

Most expensive bargain: Elle’s
“inexpensive” clothes are paired with thousands of dollars of jewelry,
as if that’s the only way to redeem them. The highest-priced piece in
“Le Cheap” is a $3,990 diamond ring.

Cheapest item elsewhere in the magazine: $48 Levi’s denim shorts worn by Mary-Kate Olsen

Priciest item elsewhere in the magazine: A $5,600 Marchesa satin dress

Item whose price makes
me question the wisdom of capitalism: Ludicrous $300 square sunglasses
by Luella by Linda Farrow. People aren’t actually going to buy those,
right? Right?


Bargains are splashed across one page, “Summery work stuff—all less than $40,” and a high-low feature, “Your Summer Extras.”

Total number of deals: 12 for sure; the high-low feature doesn’t designate what is what. A $40 scarf could go either way.

Their idea of dirt cheap: A $10 Shop Suey ring

Most expensive bargain: A $70 Roberta Freymann tote (assuming this is what counts for low-end in Glamour’s universe. Since another page in the same story features a $795 straw hat, I think it must.)

Cheapest item elsewhere in the magazine: A $25 Chinese Laundry belt

Priciest item elsewhere in the magazine: The $12,000 Louis Vuitton Speedy mentioned here

Item whose price makes me question the wisdom of capitalism: Gotta be that hat.


An anemic single page is devoted to “Deals & Steals.”

Total number of deals: 7

Their idea of dirt cheap: $14 aviator sunglasses by Shop Suey

Most expensive bargain: A $139 MNG by Mango dress

Cheapest item elsewhere in the magazine: An $18 American Apparel t-shirt

Priciest item elsewhere in the magazine: An $88,000 Van Cleef and Arpels ring

Item whose price makes me question the wisdom of capitalism: An $18,000 Donna Karan crocodile bag. It’s just a purse.


An entire feature, “The Season’s Best Looks Under $100,” is given over to low-price style.

Total number of deals: 67

Their idea of dirt cheap: An $18 Mossimo for Target top

Most expensive bargain: Tie: at $99, a “tiered maxiskirt” by WDNY International and a Tommy Hilfiger cotton dress

Cheapest item elsewhere in the magazine: A $7 Metro 7 tank top

Priciest item elsewhere in the magazine: A $1,465 bracelet by Steven Dweck

Item whose price makes
me question the wisdom of capitalism: Chanel charges $1,225 for a belt.
A belt! I regret not launching a career in luxury fashion.

Marie Claire

They’ve spread the
discounts throughout: there’s one page of “101 Ideas,” one page of
“Splurge vs. Steal,” and a feature, “Black & White,” that’s

Total number of deals: 40

Their idea of dirt cheap: $7 Hue socks (Thanks, Marie Claire, I was really overspending on socks.)

Most expensive bargain: $300 Marciano shoes (worn with the $7 Hue socks, natch)

Cheapest item elsewhere in the magazine: $5.80 Forever 21 sunglasses

Priciest item elsewhere in the magazine: An $18,800 Cartier ring

Item whose price makes
me question the wisdom of capitalism: A Chanel top and skirt set that
retails for the low, low price of $10,745.


Looks like all the clothes shown in the ; fashion features under $100, which is excellent.

Total number of deals: 100, according to the cover

Their idea of dirt cheap: It’s a tie at $8 for a Forever 21 necklace and Old Navy earrings

Most expensive bargain:
Another tie, this one at $99, for a Nahui Ollin tote, an RJ Graziano
necklace, and a $99 Tommy Hilfiger clutch. Those are special prices for
Self readers, however, so this hews dangerously close to cheating.

Cheapest item elsewhere in the magazine: See above for $8 jewelry.

Priciest item elsewhere
in the magazine: That tank top Anne Hathaway is wearing on the cover?
Yeah. It’s $845, and she’s wearing it with necklaces whose combined
total is $5,300.

Item whose price makes
me question the wisdom of capitalism: $49 jelly shoes, but probably
only because I’m old enough to remember buying jellies the first time



In “The Economists,” Vogue
editors offer “inspired finds under $500 (plus one key investment
piece).” Oh, thank god, because I needed help to find clothes that cost
so little.

Total number of deals: 31, not counting the home d├ęcor and investment pieces

Their idea of dirt cheap: A $127 Sykes London belt

Most expensive bargain:
Seven items retail for $495, including a John Varvatos coat, a Moschino
Cheap and Chic skirt, and a ; 3.1 Philip Lim dress. (You didn’t think
they’d go four whole pages without mentioning Lim, did you?)

Cheapest item elsewhere in the magazine: A $150 YSL dickey

Priciest item elsewhere in the magazine: A $16,600 Cartier watch

Item whose price makes
me question the wisdom of capitalism: Hands down, the dickeys were the
most egregiously priced items I saw in any of the magazines. Vogue
featured two: a $150 YSL version and a $395 Prada one. That’s an awful
lot of scratch for something that isn’t even a real shirt.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Be Good to Your Mother

I know, I know, dear readers, Mother's Day was weeks ago. But I'm not talking about your actual mother, I'm talking about Mother Earth. Yeah, it's kinda silly, I guess, but doesn't it sound better than always saying, "Go Green" or "Be Eco-Friendly"? I just need a little variety, that's all.

But I know that this is a topic that is not going away any time soon. Any maybe, just maybe, I'm eating my own words a bit here, because back in January I said, "Green is good. Let's just quit talking about it all the time." And I'm still not convinced that lots of companies are jumping on that bandwagon for nothing but publicity reasons, but there are legitimate reasons to keep this topic at the forefront of the fashion industry.

For one, many of you send me emails asking how to update and reuse items you've found at Goodwill at other resale stores. You just don't want to go out and buy new things. That's recycling at its best! Keep those emails and comments coming; the DCGF is always up for a challenge. And here's the exciting part: fashion labels are starting to reach out to li'l old me to let me know about their green initiatives! How cool is that? Yep, the gals over at Lutz & Patmos sent me an email giving me all the details on the companies new collaboration with Barney's Green, called Leroy & Perry.

Their spring collection consisted of three pieces named after their favorite New York City restaurants:
Pastis, Cluny and Zampa, shown at right. All of the styles are made from materials like recycled t shirts and bamboo and 1% of the proceeds go to an environmental charity. Cool, right?

Even better, the Zampa tunic is currently on sale at Barney's! Personally, I wouldn't wear it sans shirt, as the gal in this picture does, but I think it would look great over a button down for the office, or just over a tee-shirt for weekend casual.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the whole line's inspiration comes from the first few years that designers Tina Lutz and Marcia Patmos spent living in New York's West Village on - where else? - Leroy and Perry Streets.

So here's my Monday gift to you, dear readers: an exclusive preview of their fall collection! At left is just one of the looks to come from the collaboration at Barney's for the fall and winter months in more of those earth friendly fabrics. Don't you just love the toggle closures and hood? Looks so cozy...

And this color's easier to wear than you might think. Pair the capelet with chocolate brown, olive green, rust red for a great fall color palette. Oh, and remember how I'm all about investing in a long pair of gloves for winter? Well this garment is perfect for either showing off bracelets or wearing a fabulous pair of pleather gloves in a longer length, to keep your wrists warm and toasty. I don't have a price point for this item yet, but when I get more details, I'll let you know!

And what befits the fashionista who sports this label and is good to her mother? Try the Billboard Large Deluxe Messenger Bag from Ecologic Designs. It's made out of 98% reclaimed and recycled material, including (as the name suggests) its waterproof, repurposed vinyl billboard exterior.

And yeah, I'm totally digging this Zipcar version, 'cause if you don't own a car (like moi) there's no better way than a Zipcar membership to get all of your donations to Goodwill (and do a little shopping while you're there, too!). On the website, it appears that you might not get to choose which billboard ends up on the side of your bag, but that's part of the fun, I suppose. The bags retail for $119.95, which I'm sure is in part due to their unique nature, both stylistically and in how they're constructed. But it's a great investment that's guaranteed to last a long time. sweet it is to work for an organization that's one of the nation's largest recyclers. And Goodwill Industries will soon be doing even more to let you know how Goodwill's are being good to our mother earth. I'll keep you posted!

Any purchase made at a Goodwill Retail Store or on eBay funds Goodwill's mission of training and employment programs for people with disadvantages or disabilities.

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Sign #347 That Sitting At Home Alone Writing All Day Is Driving You Insane

When you open your dryer and your Spanx pop out, you screech, "What are you trying to say??"

Ghost Ride The Celebrity Whip: 25 Stupid-Awesome Vehicles [pics]

When you make millions of dollars yet get everything for free, it can be challenging to figure out just how to spend your fortune. But these stars have it all worked out. They just blow their greenbacks on tricked out cars outfitted with more TVs than are commonly found in a five bedroom McMansion. Here are some of the more ridiculous celebrity car habits out there today.

  1. Jay Leno: Jay Leno, host of The Tonight Show, is legendary for his love of unique automobiles. While the exact number of cars in Leno's 17,000 foot garage is unknown, it's said to be well over 100. Leno's car collection represents 100 years of automobile history, and he definitely has a penchant for cars with unique features. Consider his 1956 Chrysler Imperial that has a record player installed beneath the dash, or the Blastolene Special, a 21-foot-long roadster with an aluminum body and the same v12 engines used in an M47 Patton Tank. Leno is said to drive all of the cars he owns, and he takes a different one to work each day.

  2. 50 Cent: 50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, took part of the fortune he made off his successful rap career and sunk it into a 2006 Rolls Royce Phantom, which he then had turned into a convertible long before the car company began offering drop top models. The conversion was said to cost him almost as much as the car itself – about $350,000. 50's Phantom also has TVs inside it and came “fully loaded.” No word on whether he had it bulletproofed as he did his other vehicles.

  3. Simon Cowell: The American Idol host has a love for fast, flashy cars, which he proved by purchasing a $1 million Bugatti Veyron, a sleek bullet-like car made by Volkswagen. The car has over 1,000 horsepower and can go faster than 250 miles per hour, going from 0 to 100 in 2.5 seconds. And it's not the only fancy car in this TV mogul's garage. He's also the proud owner of a Rolls Royce Phantom and a Ferarri.

  4. Lebron James: When Lebron James turned 18 in 2003, his mother gave him a platinum Hummer H2 for his birthday. The ostentatious car was just incredibly splashy enough to spark an investigation by the Ohio High School Athletic Association about whether James accepted the car as a gift inappropriately before he started in the NBA. But five years later the controversy has been long cleared up and James' career is flying high. In 2007, the show SPEED did a makeover of James' Hummer adding in several extra features. James' car now has three TVs, leather seats embroidered with the words “King James”, a new grille, and the latest in all technological features. The base price for Hummers is about $55,000, but the value of James’ car is said to be three to four times that amount.

  5. Donald Trump: Just days after one was delivered to the White House, Donald Trump ran out to buy his very own Cadillac DTS Presidential Limousine. Trump was the first lay person to purchase the car, which seats six and comes with a magazine rack, humidor, 22-inch flat screen TV, DVD player, and wireless laptop computer, among many other things. Perhaps one of the most luxurious limousines on the market, the amount Trump paid to be cruising around in presidential style is certainly high though the price has not been revealed.

  6. P. Diddy: Not only does P. Diddy own a few outrageous cars of his own, but he's also the brainchild behind the Sean John Navigator, the bling-heavy SUV he designed for Lincoln. The cars retail to the public for $85,000 and only 100 of them exist. They come replete with tinted windows, satellite radio, heated and vibrating leather seats, six TVs, three DVDs, and a Playstation, among other things. And Diddy can boast rights as first owner.

  7. Britney Spears: It's really not at all surprising that Britney Spears would have a multitude of outrageous cars, and guess what? She does! Recently, her father was awarded the responsibility of figuring out what to do with her current fleet of seven luxury vehicles. She seems to change rides more than her underwear. Oh, wait … that may not be the best comparison. Anyway, one of Spears' most outrageous cars was her 2002 pink Hummer H2. It had a 6-liter V8 engine, but really who cares? Surely, the most important feature to Spears was the Louis Vuitton upholstery on the inside. The exact value of this vehicle is unknown, but, like James’ car, it could be triple the $55,000 base price, if not more.

  8. Busta Rhymes: Wild and crazy hip hop star Busta Rhymes is known for his brash vocal style and his in-your-face lyrics. Car junkies, though, may regale him for his taste in automobiles. Rhymes is the proud owner of a metallic silver Mercedes G500 with all the amenities available. But perhaps the most notable amenity is the studio-quality sound system he had installed by Unique Autosport in New York. Rhymes swears the sound quality is the same as being in a recording studio and that it serves as a perfect testing ground for his music, since he can hear every click and crackle that was picked up while he was recording his tracks. Prices for the G500 start at $89,000 and go up to $111,000 for all the amenities. Rhymes audio installer Will Castro typically charges $40,000 for an install, and you can bet Ryhmes spent a little extra on his flashy rims. Simple mathematics would put this car's value close to $200,000.

  9. Flea: Flea, the edgy guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, made news when he purchased a brand new Tesla Roadster, a completely electric sports car that was first debuted in 2006. Currently, fully-loaded Teslas run about $109,000. Flea said he had to have the car when he saw it and that he was motivated to purchase it mainly for its environmental benefits. And in a posting on Tesla's blog Flea wrote that it drove like a dream and made hardly any noise at all. More specifically, he said it made his Porsche feel like “a golf cart.” This car, developed in part by Lotus, is definitely no golf cart. On a single charge of its battery it can go as fast as 225 mph and gets from 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds. The 100 prototypes made in 2006 sold out quickly; in 2008, the 650 planned also sold out. In 2009, Tesla plans to make 1,500 cars.

  10. Tony Stewart: Car racing great Tony Stewart drives fast cars for a living and even owns a Lamborghini. But the vehicle that really turns heads is his 1984 Cadillac Hearse, tricked out by the same folks who brought you Lebron James' car. Installed in the funeral-ready car is a motorized TV wall between the front and back seats that takes a standard limousine-like window and cranks it up a dozen notches. Instead of a solid piece of plastic, backseat riders can stare at a 32-inch flat screen TV. The front dash was completely ripped out and in its place a command-center arrangement was installed that includes two 12-inch TV monitors, a DVD player, video iPod hook-up, and a top of the line speaker system surrounded by black leather. The sound system features six amps and the designers even installed a hidden mini bar. Luxury and fist-pumping sound throughout makes Stewart's hearse a hands-down one of a kind.

  11. Scott Storch: Hip-hop producer Scott Storch has a cavalcade of fast and fancy cars at his Miami home, which has eight garages to hold all of his beauties. While he counts a Ferrari and an Aston Martin as part of his impressive fleet, Storch's favorite car is a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 – the fastest street-legal car in existence. And with a $1.7 million price tag, it should be. When Storch bought the car in 2007 there were only 70 in existence, part of the reason that he bought it. “I live the shock value,” he told a reporter. “People don't get to see these cars.”

  12. Funkmaster Flex: This longtime hip hop DJ made a name for himself spinning records on the radio and building a music empire on his name. Now he's lending his moniker to something else – pimping out cars for celebrities. Following a lifelong passion for cars, especially Chevys, Flex launched a Spike TV show called “Ride with Funkmaster Flex” and enlisted a host of celebrity clients from Queen Latifah to Eminem to Ludacris. And of course this entrepreneur has his own collection of tricked out cars, including a purple 1970 Plymouth Duster and a 1966 Red Impala SS 396. In addition, Flex released his own 2008 Ford Expedition that comes in a red and black two-tone paint job and black leather seats with red interior. Other features include 20-inch chrome wheels, a 340-watt Audiophile Sound System, third row seating, computer navigation system, and TV with DVD player in the back. Starting price: $75,000.

  13. Snoop Dog: It would be wrong for Snoop Dog not to have a pimped out car. Thankfully, he does. “Tha Doggfather of Rap” has several cars, but perhaps the one most fitting for his personality is his 1967 Pontiac Parsienne Convertible painted in gold with purple trim – the colors of Snoop's favorite sports team, the L.A. Lakers. The best feature? Hydro pumps that let the car jump and bounce up and down and from side to side. The system is controlled by purple and gold zirconium-encrusted controls implanted onto Snoop's dashboard. Snoop declares his heritage on the back window, which is emblazoned with “Tha Doggfather” and “Crip.” The car was designed by Snoop's personal car builder, Big Slice, and their partnership has also resulted in the Snoop DeVille, a customized Cadillac Deville that sells for $80,000.

  14. Green Day: Green Day had a 1968 Mercury Monterey customized for them to use in two music videos – one for the song “Holiday” and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” The car was of course painted green and outfitted with custom leopard upholstery on the interior. You won't find any TVs in this car, but you will find some pretty impressive hydraulics, a silver chain link steering wheel with a skull shifter, and the band's name on a cursive, metal emblem on the front hood.

  15. Ludacris: Ludacris rolled up to the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards in a shiny black 1975 Convertible Pontiac Granville with some ostentatious detailing that brought this muscle car to a whole new realm. While these classic cars are available on the used market for as little as $33,000, you can bet the southern rap star paid a hefty sum to make his look so amazing. First off, the 24-inch wheels were installed so that the car rises four feet off the ground. Second, the interior upholstery was done all in black leather and the black and multi-colored Louis Vuitton print, the same fabric used for the drop top. The rest of the car is somewhat bare bones compared to some of the others on the list, though it does have a decent stereo system. But there's not a whole lot of need for extras when you're cruising in classic simplicity like this car.

  16. Shaquille O'Neal: The NBA superstar is well known for his affinity for fancy cars that come with a personal flare. He's got a 1991 convertible Mercedes-Benz Diesel that has the Superman emblem embroidered into his seats and steering wheel. But perhaps one of his most sought-after vehicles is his Lamborghini Gallardo – Lamborghini's most popular sports car that, as of 2008, is the only one to use a V10 engine. Shaq's final price tag is unknown, but the base models can run up to $263,000. He surely paid more than that to have his 2008 model stretched to fit his 7-foot-1-inch stature. The car had to be outfitted with custom doors, a roof, and special windows to lengthen the car by 12 inches.

  17. Paul Wall: Paul Wall, the Houston-based rapper known for his signature grill of silver teeth, is now making grilles of his own for cars. He teamed up with Zenetti to make a custom line of “iced-out” grilles and rims that are covered in cubic zirconium and will come available to fit Cadillac Escapades, coupes, Dodge Magnums, Chrysler 300s, and other SUVs. Wall has his own 2007 Chevy Tahoe tricked out with his flashiest grille and a set of 26-inch, ice-encrusted wheels. The interior features classy two-toned leather upholstery, a state of the art sound system, and diamond-stitched paneling. No word on the total price tag and the Texas resident says the Tahoe isn't even his favorite vehicle. That honor goes to his 1976 Convertible Cadillac El Dorado.

  18. Wyclef Jean: The former Fugee has a collection of flashy cars that includes a Ferrari 360 Spider. But his pride and joy is a 543-horsepower Pagani Zonda C12-S that sells for $350,000. The Italian-made vehicle is often described by automotive reporters as being “ultra-rare,” since few people have heard of the brand and even less own one. No more than 25 models have been made each year since the car was released in 1999. The car goes from 0 to 60 in 3.3 seconds and can reach a speed of 215 mph. But while Jean loves himself a flashy and expensive car, he is embarking on a new project to build replicas of cars like the Zonda that regular people can afford.

  19. Dwayne Wade: This Miami Heat basketball player loves automobiles as much as his teammate Shaquille O'Neal, and in 2006 he was even crowned the “King of Bling” at the GM All Car Show – an invite-only affair where celebrities and car enthusiasts showcase their most over-the-top vehicles in a competition for the most ostentatious. Wade's white 2006 Hummer H2 SUT took the cake that year. The base price for that vehicle is about $53,000, but it's assured that Wade wouldn't have taken home the award he did without putting at least that much extra into tricking out the truck. In addition to the Hummer, Wade owns a pearl blue Cadillac Escalade EXT that sits on matching 26-inch wheels. Wade was also tapped by Lincoln recently to represent the Navigator in TV ads.

  20. Missy Elliott: Missy Elliott, who is said to own 1,000 pairs of Adidas sneakers, seems to be also madly collecting something else, as well – cars! In fact, her car addiction is so bad she told reporters that her mother has begged her to stop purchasing them. In addition to her 2004 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, 2004 Rolls Royce Phantom, and 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo, Elliott also has a 1979 tricked out, bright purple and chrome Ford Mustang. Elliott says it's the car that gets the most attention on the street. Her fleet of automobiles is easily worth more than $1 million, if not more. She confesses to have purchased more than three cars in one year, including a $5,600 upgrade to a scooter that she rode once, crashed, and then trashed. Disposable income just took on a whole new meaning.

  21. Stephon Marbury: This Knicks player took his love for cars so far that he even invented his own automobile, the Viant SLV 365, which is a luxurious SUV combo of a Cadillac Escalade and a Rolls Royce Phantom. The 500-horsepower engine is included for those looking for power, while other features cater to the child in us all – such as the Playstation 2, satellite TV and wireless Internet. It even has a wine cellar and humidor. At a price of more than $300,000, the Viant is not made for laymen, but Marbury does count celebrities like Mary J. Blige and Jay-Z among his clients.

  22. Edward Norton: Edward Norton is no Nelly. He doesn’t have a bunch of big-wheeled, chrome-covered vehicles. But he was selected by BMW to be one of the celebrity drivers of the BMW Hydrogen 7, the very first hydrogen-powered luxury sedan. The car is driven by a combination of hydrogen and fuel and emits nothing but water vapor. There are only 100 models in existence and they’re not for sale. The German car company has tapped notable celebrities, like Norton, to drive the car in a huge PR push. While some auto bloggers contest just how environmentally sound the car is, since it isn’t; a zero emission car and does have its challenges, BMW contends it will be the future of automobiles.

  23. Magic Johnson: The former L.A. Lakers sensation is just the latest in sports stars to design their own cars. Johnson joined forces with Lincoln and DUB Magazine to create the “Magic” Dub Edition Lincoln Mark LT, a luxury pick-up truck rthat has 24-inch rims, suede and leather interior, a 15-inch flip-down TV, as well as TVs inset in the back of each seat’s headrest. It’s got a 5.4 liter, V-8 engine with 300 horsepower. The car was auctioned off to benefit Johnson’s charitable foundation for education, but suggested retail places it in the $65,000 range.

  24. Fergie: Fergie, the only girl-member of the hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas, received a pretty tricked out Hummer not too long ago that came with a custom grille by Grillcraft Sport Grilles and drop-down steps with her name engraved on them in Old English. The car came with the works in the audio and visual departments, and some pretty sweet leather and suede upholstery. But alas the Fergalicious one deemed the Hummer not her style and put it up for auction in 2007. It brought in almost $70,000, which she promptly donated to Global Green USA.

  25. David Beckham: When your salary is a whopping $250 million, a $400,000 car isn’t going to put much of a dent in your savings. Which is exactly why David Beckham of the L.A. Galaxy recently purchased a Porsche 911 Cabriolet for $200,000 and then put another $200,000 of upgrades into it, like custom upholstery and a special all-black exterior. The car comes with a 3.6 liter engine and an overboost function that can make it go even faster. Oh, and there’s a compartment for extra luggage, which his wife Victoria “Posh” Beckham can use.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sweet sales items I found!

I always mean to do this at least once a month, but tragically I am usually too busy to get to it. But here is another addition of hot steals I found on the web (aka cool clothes on sale!):


This cute dress by Lily, at Nordstrom, is on sale for $42 from $108 and all sizes are still in stock!!

Alfani Woman Deep Surplice Top, was $65, now $47.99 at

50% OFF - One Piece Aphrodite Wrap Front Halter Bathing Suit - Style#K80214 - Plus Size Swimwear - Size 16W-26W - NO RETURNS

Aphrodite Wrap Front Bathing Suit 50% off! Was $79, now $39.50 at
Crochet Gauze Dress

Crochet Gauze Dress, was $69.99, now $34.99 at

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Let Me Introduce Hilary Clinton to Clinton Kelly!

You know the problem well, you can't block it from your mind. The low-long-hemmed unbuttoned jacket swinging away from the widest point of ample thighs/hips... Hilary Clinton and her “pantsuits” (more on that ridiculousness later)...

But it never happened, she never got a lifelong-style makeover from the gurus at What Not to Wear. What a picture, the secret footage, exactly like what I described above, the Clinton puns (there must be puns, I say) and... the bra fitting.

And now it's over. Not only might Hilary's political career be over, but she now has no hope of dressing her womanly body as it should. First legitimate female candidate for president of the United States?? Come on, she's not that female. (Her lack of humanity she increasingly displayed not withstanding, itself.)

What NOT to Wear: Old-Lady Pants Suits

What TO Wear: A nice pin-striped menswear suit. Hem cut at the actual hips (think where a baby rests against a woman's side, on occasion).


Clinton - forget flag pins, try on the stripes!