Friday, July 4, 2008

New on the scene - Belle Avenue

I've recently been talking to the folks over at Belle Avenue - they are a relatively new plus size website that sells cute, affordable plus size clothes. For a while their inventory was kind of static, but I got word from them recently that they were really blowing up their inventory - they've got a lot more in stock and a lot of it is VERY cute and easy on the wallet. I have to say I find their product names kind of funny - "Beautiful Unique Dress" and "Warm Cute Jacket" but that's neither here nor there. Here are a few of my faves on their site right now:

Trendy HoodySparkly Purple Dress

Left: Trendy Hoody Top, $24.99
Right: Silver Stud Sexy Dress, $38.99

Cute Wonderful TopRuffled Silky Top

Left: Cute Wonderful Top, $26.99
Right: Ruffled Silky Hot Top, $28.99

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