Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beauty By Numbers

My husband says my head is full of useless info because I can rattle off statistics of more random things than I care to admit, but hey, at least I always win at Trivia Pursuit! According to the latest issue of Women's health, Japanese and French women are perfectionists and American women are stressed. Italian women, however, have the diva attitude and feel they look young regardless of their age, bravo to that!

Jump to the list of beauty numbers from this month's Women's Health that I find fascinating.

Beauty By Numbers

$39 The amount per month the average American woman spends on beauty treatments

$71 The amount the average Italian woman spends on beauty treatments

92 The % of British women that rarely or never visit a dermatologist

80 The % of women in South Africa that wear fragrance every day; 80% of Chinese women don’t

38 The % of Indian women that say they own zero skin-care products

73 The % of Australians would choose to shell out for body massages if money were no object

52 The % of Koreans that would spend their cash on skin-lightening treatments

45 The % of women in China that say they can’t live without lipstick

53 The % of Italian women feel they look younger then they are.

38 The % of people in China that use teeth-whitening treatment (including toothpaste) daily.


Additional Beauty Facts:

- American and British women are most likely to feel they look stressed and tired

- Women in Germany and Italy say mascara is their most essential beauty product

- Argentine and Canadian women are the most satisfied with their looks.

- Japanese and French women are least satisfied with their looks.

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