Sunday, April 13, 2008

Natura Bisse Oxygen Body Cream: Oxygen for your skin!

OXYGEN%2520BODY%2520CR%2520250.jpgI love traveling in the summer, but it takes a toll on my skin. All that flying on airplanes and playing in the sun (even with sunscreen, my skin suffers!) dries my skin and makes it dull and scaly. I've heard for years the best way to hydrate your skin is with oxygen, but who has time to sit in a spa with an oxygen machine for hours? Lucky for me, the geniuses at Natura Bisse created an entire line of products based on the amazing healing properties of oxygen! I've been a fan of its Oxygen Finishing mask (just used it on Sunday) for months, but I found out today that Oxygen Body Cream is slated for release in May! It is made for all skin types, including frequent fliers. How excited am I? And it's just in time because I am scheduled to be in eight cities and two continents from May through June, and I will need lots of help keeping my skin silky smooth and glowing. The Oxygen Body Cream is intensive oxygen therapy that supplies native oxygen and other trace elements essential for the development of healthy skin cells. All you need to remember is that it will restore your skin's vitality and glow (and who can't use a healthy does of that?!?). It also boasts a deep hydrating effect that protects the skin throughout the day. This is ideal for people who work in polluted environments, who smoke, and are frequent flyers, etc.

Made of Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide, known for its ability to liberate oxygen; it also hydrates, lightens, and purifies. It contains Spirulina, a blue-green algae grown in a culture medium. As the algae develop, the medium is transformed into a vital fluid which regenerates the skin. You are also going to love the way it smells; it has a wild mango butter, which not only prevents the trans-epidermal loss of water, but you'll smell delicious. Lastly, the shea butter moisturizes skin and reinforces the lipid barrier. Use it right after your shower to maximize the hydrating benefits.

Natura Bisse is serious skin care. Their products perform like no other I've tried, and I have high expectations for Oxygen body. I've already ordered mine! What are you waiting for? Speed dial your SA at Neiman Marcus now to get on the list for a bottle of this miracle body cream! Retail price is $80 for 250 ml Pump/500 ml Jar.

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