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Venetian Glass Beads

Venetian Glass is so named because it is made by Old World artisans on the island of Murano near Venice, Italy. They make some of the most beautiful glass produced in the world, and have done so for centuries. Combining the Old-World charm of Venetian Glass and the Space-Age flash of Dichroic Glass produces stunning effects.

Dichroic Glass

NASA developed dichroic glass for use in satellite mirrors. This glass contains multiple micro-layers of metal oxides, such as gold, silver, titanium, chromium, aluminum, zirconium, magnesium, silicon. Certain wavelengths of light will either pass through or be reflected, displaying an array of colors.


Dichroic Venetian Heart Beads

These hearts are available in gold, aqua, opaque black, herb green, blue, dark aqua, aquamarine, and rubino. Rubino is the hot pink color. Each bead is handmade in Murano by layering Venetian Glass with chips of Dichroic Glass, then encased in transparent glass.

Dichroic glass can be fused with other glass in multiple firings in a kiln. Due to variations in the firing process, individual results can never be exactly reproduced. Each piece of fused dichroic glass is unique. It makes stunning pendants and cabochons for jewelry.

glass beads

Manuela Silver Foil Multi Bracelet

Venetian bead bracelet adorned with multi-colored silver foil disc beads and separated with .925 sterling silver sparkle beads.

Aventurina Glass

Aventurina is one of the most popular Murano glasses. It contains micro particles of copper filings or chromic oxide.

glass bead jewelry

Aventurina Floral Heart Beads

Venetian glass painstakingly decorated with floral designs of Aventurina in a delicate pattern. Available in blue, red, topaz, and black, these handmade Murano glass beads begin as a mass of colored glass, then they are shaped and worked under the torch, adding the white gold and Aventurina detail in floral motifs.

This stuff is absolutely stunning!

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