Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 2 of W.E.I.O.

Holy Hannah, the chill has finally arrived and oddly enough, I couldn't be happier. I woke up this morning shivering and stating excitedly, "it's freezing!" Bring on the fall wardrobe! At last!

Yesterday was Dean's Grandma's birthday, and it was finally cool enough for me to bust this little number out of hiding.

09.16.2007 (day 2 of W.E.I.O.)

vintage dress: thrifted
black boots: Wal-Mart
black fishnets: no idea
black beaded necklace: Claire's
small black bag: Old Navy

By the way, I didn't attempt to dye my hair orange in some strange pattern, it's the sunlight.

I call this "June Carter Cash in hooker boots."

Speaking of Miss Cash, my coiffure originally was back-combed and poofy and looked just like hers, but thanks to the wind, it went a bit flat by the time I managed to take a picture.

Now I'm off to get dressed (and rather excited about it, thank you autumn chill). The first thing I'll be donning is a good pair of socks, my toes are turning into tater tots.

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