Thursday, April 17, 2008

In the Red Hood

Rrh2_2 Rrh There's a lot to be said for dressing up as therapy. Whilst 99% of the outfits that I have posted on Style Bubble are wearable out in the harsh reality of daylight, there are outfits that are best kept to the confines of my room because they are pure acts of dressing-up therapy.

So when this gruelling, nerve racking, finance related-stress-filled week ended and finally the weekend comes around, I looked to a red satin cape that my sister made for her Halloween costume to produce my version of Little Red Riding Hood. A bit of red shiny cheer never did anybody harm and because by the end of selecting the Jean Colonna leather skirt, the black and white stripy stockings, fastening up the Forever 21 neck ruff and of course donning the black crow and feeling some swishy satin around my body, the rain stopped, the sun came out and the week that starts again seems a whole lot better. Some people like shelling out big therapy bills. I like red satin capes.


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