Thursday, June 19, 2008

Seeing triple

No need to adjust your browser, the Justin Maxi Messenger Bag from Mulberry has a trio of turn lock plackets on it's flap.

I'm not sure if they actually serve a purpose, since they would not do much as far as expanding goes, but they add interest.
Like all messenger bags, this looks masculine, or like a diaper bag. the triple lock does nothing to make me feel otherwise. It is made from dark denim, a tough choice for summer, when light colors abound, because I have never met an indigo ink that did not rub off, so it would be important to watch what you wear. The fabric choice which may be where the "nautical inspiration" mentioned on the Mulberry site comes from adds to the bag's androgyny. According to Mulberry, the fabric allows the bag to breath and is absorbent...absorbency is not necessarily a good thing in a bag.
Generally, I love Mulberry, but I just can't find the love for this bag. It's not ugly, or offensive to my handbag aesthetic, but it's not a "wow" either, which I kind of expect from a bag that retails for close to $800.
The Justin Maxi Messenger bag is £395, or about $780 from Mulberry.

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