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Cuff Daddy Jewelry

Cuff Daddy is an online cufflink store based in metro Washington D.C. Cuff Daddy specializes in unique, high quality cufflinks not found elsewhere in the United States. They source the best discount cufflinks for men, and also carry a large selection of ladies cufflinks at affordable prices, with or without semi-precious stones.

Their cufflinks are adorable, but it's their large selection of unusual pendants that I found interesting:

jewelry techniques

Interlocking Love Stainless Steel Pendant

Black and Silver stainless steel is interlocked to form a rectangular shape with laser-engraved gender signs on each. Give one half of the pendant to your significant other so they can always keep you in their heart. Black color on half of pendant is coated by PVD, aka physical vapor disposition, which is the innovative process of providing a hard black coating onto metal. Once the process is complete, the black coating is extremely durable.


Carbon Fiber Jewelry

Carbon fiber is the next big thing in the jewelry industry. Super-light - lighter than titanium - with rings weighing only a gram or two, and bracelets at only six grams, carbon fiber is a slick alternative to heavy metals. It offers something that gold, silver, or platinum simply cannot offer - it's strong, it's rugged, and you don't have to worry about where you store it.

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Polished Stainless Steel Pendant with Carbon Fiber Cross

Made of stainless steel so it never needs polishing.


Carbon fiber is renowned for its use in Formula One Racing, space exploration, and aeronautical applications where high strength and light weight are critical - and it makes some very unique jewelry.

stainless steel pendant

Round Pink Glass Pendant with Stainless Steel

Gorgeous pendant made from poured glass into a stainless steel cage.

Made with stainless steel so it is both durable and easily cleaned with water.


Company Info

Our design team creates gold cufflinks that will make your sleeves look simply dazzling. Our inventory of sterling silver cufflinks will transform your entire wardrobe into a posh ensemble. If you want to get creative with your French cuff shirt, check out our cat-eye cufflinks, novelty links, and fiber optic designs.

We are the only seller of our Italian-inspired designs. In addition to cufflinks, you can also find men's ties (that can actually match your new set of links), multifunctional pens, and leather money clips on our site.

Cufflinks come in these materials:

• Silk

• Gold

• Silver

• Wood

• Crystal

• Enamel

• Catseye

• Fiber Optic

• Carbon Fiber

• Stainless Steel

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