Monday, June 16, 2008

Isomers: R Pur for Eyes (reformulated!)

pur%20for%20eyes.jpgAs our loyal readers know, we are HUGE fans of Isomers products!! (If you don’t have any yet, you are seriously missing out.) Their reformulated under eye serum is fabulous just like everything else they make ~swoon!~ …The thing that sets these products apart from everything else is their scientific approach to beauty, they see a problem and they find the solution! The problem they saw was stubborn under eye discoloration and inflammation, and the solution they found was phosphatidylcholine, an isolated soy protein. There is a lot of science involved, but basically their labs were the first to discover this particular soy protein and then utilize it to protect and rejuvenate your eyes. This product is the solution for anyone with dark circles, puffy and/or saggy under eye area. I tested this after waking up with some seriously swollen eyes (the result of a good PMS induced cry). I applied R Pur Eyes to what I thought would be a hopeless situation that only my largest sunglasses could fix, but to my grateful amazement, my puffy eyes looked totally normal in under 20 minutes!!! …Wowza! This is something every Beauty Snob should have stashed in her bag of tricks ;)

$69.98 Isomers R Pur for Eyes

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