Friday, June 13, 2008

mad hattress

Interior decorating, vintage enthusiast style.
I'm trying to find a way to display my vintage hats, purses, shoe buckles etc without creating clutter in a very small apartment, or frightening away male visitors (albeit the majority of them are gay men who are more likely to borrow the accessories for a night out).
When my [straight] uncle stopped by the apartment for the first time, he stood speechless in the main room, staring around in thinly disguised horror at the pink, silk, chandelieriness of it all, finally uttering: "holy chick house". At the time, I took it as a compliment, but now I'm working on creating some contrast - Demeulemeester biker boots balancing out 1940s floral headpiece, urban graffiti interspersed with Millais's Pre-Raphaelites, pink curtains making way for Indian fabrics and so on. Off to IKEA for storage ideas this weekend. I'll post photos if my mission is successful.
P.S. Chanced upon this stellar feather hat worn in a magazine last fall (there is a shop in Toronto that lends out vintage pieces to movies and magazine shoots). I dream of finding that beautiful Galliano suit Ana is wearing next...

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