Sunday, June 22, 2008

Let Me Introduce Hilary Clinton to Clinton Kelly!

You know the problem well, you can't block it from your mind. The low-long-hemmed unbuttoned jacket swinging away from the widest point of ample thighs/hips... Hilary Clinton and her “pantsuits” (more on that ridiculousness later)...

But it never happened, she never got a lifelong-style makeover from the gurus at What Not to Wear. What a picture, the secret footage, exactly like what I described above, the Clinton puns (there must be puns, I say) and... the bra fitting.

And now it's over. Not only might Hilary's political career be over, but she now has no hope of dressing her womanly body as it should. First legitimate female candidate for president of the United States?? Come on, she's not that female. (Her lack of humanity she increasingly displayed not withstanding, itself.)

What NOT to Wear: Old-Lady Pants Suits

What TO Wear: A nice pin-striped menswear suit. Hem cut at the actual hips (think where a baby rests against a woman's side, on occasion).


Clinton - forget flag pins, try on the stripes!

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