Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kan Kan you dig it?

Every time you think a trend has no life left, a new take on it pops up.
Ruffles were innovative and fresh when YSL began the trend a few years back, and they keep rearing their undulating head.

There is a sensuality to the Be & D Kan Kan Tote for sure...the nude color, the curvy waves of leather the seam down the center, it almost feels like you shouldn't be looking. And yet, it is hard to look away. Is it gorgeous, or heinous? I'm definitely torn.
I think the handle is a bit too businessy for such a soft looking bag, then again, the nail head detail has a hard edge, but it suits the style perfectly. The ruffles on a tote may not be a great idea, considering a tote is a workhorse, and the ruffles might crush and pick up dirt.
Perhaps, scaled down, as a shoulder bag it would be more fitting, because architecturally, the bag is pretty amazing, it looks almost clothinglike, like a tuxedo top.
Heavenly, or Hellish, you decide.
The Kan Kan Tote is $1390 from Be & D.

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