Friday, June 6, 2008

This One’s For You…

Above: Onyx Nite Stretch Satin Dress, $59,**
Left to right: Tropical Print Dress, $69; Eyelet Shirtdress, $59; Shirtdress, $49 all available at**

I’ve had a few emails from readers requesting that I include at least one item for women sizes 14 and up in each post. Most times that proves difficult but while looking over for an upcoming post, I noticed that a lot of their dresses where relevant to posts I’d written in the past. For example, take the “Take a Leaf Out of Her Style Book: Halle Berry” post. I chose these dresses but you can check out the Eyelet Shirtdress for $59. One of summer’s popular must-have dresses is the Maxi Dress. I loved these choices but try the Tropical Print Dress, $69. And lastly, for an ultra chic Satin Dress you must Onyx Nite Stretch Satin Dress. At just $69, it beats out my original picks.

**Use the search function on to find the dresses above!

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