Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Urban picnic basket

Those little picnic basket kits that turn up every spring always intrigue me, but face it, I'm a city dweller with limited closet space, and besides, those baskets are heavy, bulky, and need a seat of their own on the subway.
Enter the best picnic idea since, well, sliced bread.

The Rebecca Minkoff Bread and Wine Bag, with it's leather outer pockets perfectly sized for a bottle of wine, and a loaf of French bread (talk about to the point bag names, huh?) was designed as a reusable market bag (don't hate me because I prefer the plastic bags...I do recycle them!) but I think an afternoon in the park is a much better purpose. It is large enough to stash some cheese, fruit, and maybe brownies for dessert as well as utensils and plates. Ideal for an afternoon lunch or light dinner before, maybe a Summer concert in the park.
The bag is canvas, trimmed in leather, with a double handle. Inside are additional pockets, maybe for a corkscrew.
There's still time to get one before the weekend for $165 from Bloomingdales.

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