Friday, June 27, 2008

97 aprons, Wayward Nancy Anns

This week I got 97 vintage aprons! There are some really pretty ones in the lot too. So it looks like I'll be busy with aprons for awhile! I've already got about 70 of them washed and the first batch of 20 have been ironed and photographed, and today I'm typing them up to be added to the website on Monday (along with some dresses that are already finished)

I like aprons, because they are fun little items and they are easy to work with to get ready to sell and they are easy to pack and ship out too.

5 more Gals showed up this week at the 'Home for Wayward Nancy Ann Dolls'. There's another 3 on the way too! I hope this isn't turning into an obsession. I promised them I would do their hair and make them some pretty clothes. No buying anymore until I get these fixed up. They'll be fun Summer projects on the weekends. These gals came with some spare arms, so I think I can figure out how to string the good arms onto these.

I mentioned in my email update that I had set up a shop on etsy - So far I only have 20-some items listed there and it's all stuff that's already available on the website, but I may list some different things in the future.

While browsing on etsy, I spotted this sweet necklace with a beach theme, that I just had to buy from Tickle Me Pink Boutique - it came today and I really love it. Check out her website here too -

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