Thursday, May 15, 2008

Are your feet ready for summer?

Stop hiding your feet in those pumps – get pedicured up!
Top: Casting, $79.95,; Lansing, $30,; Sirprise, $89.95,
Middle: Trinangle Sandal, $34,; Croww, $79.95,; Le Petit Sperone, $60,
Bottom: Hendrix, $90,; Volatile Cassie Thong Sandal, $38.95,; Belle by Sigerson Morrison, $225,

Shoe shopping is one of life’s little pleasures, but I delightful day in the shoe department of Saks can quickly turn into a nightmare if your feet aren’t perfectly polished when the sales clerk tries to help you slip on those Louboutins. Avoid the potential embarrassment and get your toes Manolo ready today. You don’t have to spend a fortune at spa, in fact I prefer creating my own pedicure at home - I’m too ticklish for someone else to handle my toes! Try Tweezerman’s deluxe pedicure set available at Sephora or their more modest version for just $14.99 at Target. After you’ve spoiled yourself, pick the perfect color* to match your sandals and away you go!

*All nail colors by Nars Cosmetics. Click here for their regular selection and here for their vintage line.

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