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Cognac Diamonds

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Brown diamonds are very hot in the fashion world these days. The shades and hues of brown diamonds, usually grouped under the category of champagne diamonds, can be light and pinkish like wine or dark and rich like cinnamon.

Although they are the most common natural-colored diamond, production at the world's largest diamond mine, the Argyle Mine in Australia, has been down in recent years, and geologists and miners there have not discovered any new deposits. And demand for champagne diamonds has increased.

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Cognac and White Diamond Bangle

A luxurious design with contemporary flair. This shimmering bracelet is crafted in polished 14k white gold. It features 34 brilliant round cut cognac diamonds in pave settings at the center. It is also flanked with 32 brilliant round cut diamonds, also in pave settings at the sides. The total diamond weight is approximately 0.71ct.

Cognac diamonds can be yellow, brown, and dark orange in color. Cognac diamonds weighing more than 3 carats are extremely rare but, just like yellow diamonds, their price depends more on fashion than on rareness. A 3-carat pink diamond, which is less rare, is worth 10 times more!

brown diamond pendant

Arco Baleno Cognac Diamond Pendant

Vibrant cognac diamonds.

Dazzling white diamonds.

Criss-cross design of 14k white gold.

If Cognac Diamonds are out of your price range, Cognac Quartz is a good alternative, and it's similar in color. It's very beautiful, and also affordable. Like this lovely ring:

diamond ring

Cognac Quartz Five-Stone Band

This artistic ring is crafted in 14k rose gold, with five brilliant round cognac diamonds in prong settings. The openwork around the band is exquisite. The total diamond weight is approximately 1.25ct. The setting size is 1/4" x 15/16" with a height of 3/16."

In recent years, $5 billion worth of champagne and cognac diamond jewelry has sold annually around the world, meaning these jewels are the most accessible natural-colored diamonds for consumers. As more and more celebrities have been spotted sporting all shades of brown diamonds on the red carpet, the popularity of these natural beauties has been taking off.

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