Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Editor's Note: Going Dark...For Now, At Least

I’ve been hesitant to say this.

After more than two and half years of posting here, I’m opting to go dark for a couple of months. The constant immersion has made me weary of the subject matter, and I fear that my waning enthusiasm is showing in my writing (and is clearly apparent in my lack thereof). So, I’m going to use this time off to read books, write about something other than magazines, and get some fresh air—not to mention a fresh perspective.

The blog and all archives will remain up. If you’d like to be automatically notified when there is new content here, you can sign up to receive posts by email under “Subscribe” in the far right-hand column. (I promise I won’t sell your email address or sign you up for Cosmo’s weekly newsletters.)

And while you’re still here reading, I want to say the most important thing of all:

Thank you.

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