Monday, May 12, 2008

The "W.E.I.O." Challenge

Well folks, expect to see a lot more photographic eye-candy and hopefully more interesting post matter in the near future because I've had an epiphany. While sitting in the bathtub the other day, an idea so grand that I was nearly inclined to look for a light bulb popping on above my noggin struck me. What is said idea, you ask? Allow me to elaborate:

I have a lot of clothes. As often as I go through my plethora of wearables and try to weed out some of the lesser worn articles, I still can't help but remark that I have managed to collect, for lack of a better word, quite a collection. Even worse, I still don't feel like I have enough. Sad, but true.

Worse than that even, is the fact that nine times out of ten, I take forever and a day to get ready to go anywhere. Why, you ask? Because I can't find a thing to wear. Much to my chagrin (and even more so to Dean's), on those days I usually end up putting on the same old tried and true t-shirt and jeans. Bor-ing. (Not to mention I always make a mess of the rejected outfits in the process.) So I have devised a plan to put an end to this endlessly annoying habit. Without further ado:

The "Wear Everything I Own" Challenge (W.E.I.O.)

Yes ladies and gents, I'm going to attempt to wear every article of clothing I own. (Not at the same time sillies.) Never again will I be able to say "Oh, I like that, but I've never worn it/rarely wear it."

Basically, the purpose of the challenge is to:

• force me to incorporate articles of clothing that I never/rarely wear into an outfit I like.
• help me to be a little more creative and bold with my ensembles.
• break me of my indecisiveness when getting dressed.
• motivate me to appreciate and utilize what I already have, instead of constantly wishing I had more.

The rules and guidelines of my challenge:

1. Make a list of all articles of clothing. This includes:
• every pair of pants.
• every top.
• every dress.
• every skirt.
• every pair of shoes.
• every piece of jewelery.
• all miscellaneous accessories (tights, leggings, scarves, hats, etc).

2. Each day, create a new outfit incorporating a new article of clothing, then check off said article of clothing on the list. Basic items, like tights, basic tees, and other accessories can be used more than once, but not excessively. The point of the challenge is to break away from the habit of wearing "favorites" all the time.

3. Most importantly, do not take more than one hour to get dressed and ready to walk out the door. And have a good attitude about it as well. The words "I look like crap" shall not escape my lips!

4. Take a picture of the daily ensemble to post.

Finally, it would be spectacular to have others join me in my quest! If you're interested in joining in on the W.E.I.O. challenge, grab a badge, and repost this if you'd like! I'd love to share your pictures, as well as mine, as we delve excitedly into fun project!

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