Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Giraffe Style at Kiyonna

Everyone knows I love Kiyonna, although I wish they'd start making their OX a little bit smaller - damn thing about having an hourglass figure when you lose weight is that your body gets thrown off balance - I am tiny on top but I'm still packing some serious heat in the booty, hips and thighs. But I digress.... they've got this new pattern that I love, and the pattern hides the fact that my boobs are a little too small to be wearing it, lolllll! It's this cute Giraffe pattern, more modern and less cliche than something like leopard for the plus gal. Check it out:

Babydoll Tee: $56
Wrap Dress: $116

Oh and FYI, here's a few ways to save money if you want to go shop Kiyonna:

Free ground shipping on orders over $85 with code SUMMER85

$20 off orders of $150 or more with code SUMMER2007

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