Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blog the Blogger: Fashion, Evolved.

Yeah, she's a new kid on the block, but Amanda of Fashion, Evolved is tellin' it like it is with some of the chicest eco fashion out there. Plus some pretty hilarious youtube finds, too. Her blog will introduce you to amazing designers you've never heard of and she's all about sharin' the blog love with other fashion bloggers. Awesome! The DCGF has hit her up for my soon-to-be Famous Five (plus One) questions. Oh, and the picture to the right will make sense once you read question 5. Forthwith, her responses...

1. What is the first article of clothing you remember that you loved to wear?
When I was a little girl I had this yellow satin pajama top with puffy sleeves. I loved that thing, and I would wear it bed or outside with my jeans or shorts. I wore it with almost anything regardless of whether it matched or not. I don't know if it was the color or the texture or what, but I felt like I princess in it.

2. Where is your favorite place - besides Goodwill, of course! - to shop for a fashion bargain in the DC area? Well, I don't live in DC, so I can't really say. I am all about online shopping though, and I love to shop Etsy because of their huge selection of unique recyclable, vintage, and sustainable clothes. [We all (heart) Etsy! Oh, and consider this your official invite to come shop with me in DC! -the DCGF]

3. Where is your favorite place to shop for a fashion bargain outside of DC? Garage Sales! 4. Who is your current favorite designer? Anna Mkhitarian of Annatarian. She's a designer from L.A. who does custom couture out of reconstructed vintage pieces. [Like the gorgeous dress above. -the DCGF] She specializes in wedding gowns, but she has also done other types of dresses. I love the idea of getting something totally unique and gorgeous made just for me out of beautiful old fabrics that have a story and history to them.

5. If you could own any single item from fashion past or present - money is no object! - what would it be? Hmmm. Right now I'm lusting after a pair of Mohop sandals [left]. Before the season is finished, I'll buy some. I would also love to have an exquisite vintage kimono.

Bonus Question: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?
One. Plus one big bite.

Oh, those sandals are tres chic! And sorry I had to put the kimono at the top of the post, but, well, that's the place it fit best. But it builds suspense, no? Thanks, Amanda, for introducing me to Annatarian. Wasn't familiar before, but now I'm becoming slightly obsessed with their Peace Love Earth necklaces. Would look perfect with all those summer dresses I'm planning on getting out this weekend...

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