Monday, May 19, 2008

Starting a home sewing pattern company

This is a bit off topic but when has that ever stopped me? Seriously, I don't know of any resources on the web that provide both comprehensive and legitimate information. I've gotten several questions on this, here's the latest:

Kathleen, maybe I'm off my rocker for wanting to do this but I am interested in starting a small independent pattern company. My search for someone to develop the patterns for the home sewer has come up empty. I find lots of information for people and companies like yourself.

I don't think you're off your rocker, this a great business option. While not without its challenges, there's still room in the market depending on your product quality, USP, styling, demography and marketing.

The point of not being able to find "someone to develop the patterns for the home sewer" is probably the one thing that gets me going. There's no reason you can't use industry services too. Having reviewed the range of products from more independent home sewing companies than I can count, quality can be a problem and among those who provide services to them, fees are exorbitant. Most "home drafters" don't know accepted standards of practice and will think they're entitled to royalties. I don't see why you have to find and hire a "home drafter". I have to give you points though, most people who start these companies feel they must be their own pattern maker and that's silly. If you started a restaurant, would you be the only cook? You'd never sleep. The writer continues:

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