Friday, May 16, 2008

Fare thee well, old friend.

Last Friday night was one of my best and oldest friend's going-away party. He leaves tomorrow for boot camp. :( Here's some photographic eye candy from the event.

My BFFL looking lovely in my clothes.

Apparently, he hearts his penis.
Ralph, declaring his undying love for his penis.

Oh, the shame.
Brittney making an attempt to dodge my camera.

Accessory Pillagers
Randall and Ralph looking debonair in my accessories. (Ralph has a strange drunk eye.)

A girl that I love, a boy I shall miss.
Kori and I got our revenge by gaffling some of Jose's hats. (Please disregard that I look creepy.)

Asian and Hat Theif
A hat theif and a funny asian.

I like my friends.

Done & done.

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